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Review Of ALT.com

-- Last updated date: 12/5/17 --

What is ALT.com

ALT.com is a kinky dating & fetish dating website where users can connect online with dominatrices, mistresses or even couples and meet them in live for some great power exchange. It was founded in 1998 and has a total population of 1,134,387+ members, out of which 1,124,139 are kinky ALT members and 10,248 are BDSM amateurs, dominatrices & mistresses. There are over 9,000+ member bondage photos posted each week. The website is available in 9 languages. All in all, ALT.com is a wonderful site to meet people and experience fetish and BDSM fantasies.

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User Experiences
Customer Service
Privacy & Security

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User experience

1. The ALT PC Website

The website is nothing spectacular; however, it is very simple to use. The site loads quite fast andhas 89 scores on pagespeed insights of google. It delivers a good user experience.

It is also mobile friendly and has GoDaddy certification..

2. The ALT Mobile Interface

Though the website does not have its mobile application, the user interface of the mobile domain is just as good as the desktop version. There are no complicated tabs or listings. The mobile website consists of most of the features and information on the site. Like the desktop version, you will have to login to view your profile. There is no time lag between the use of each feature.

Media endorsement:

ALT.com has been famously endorsed by vice.com, nypost.com, yourtango.com, straight.com and niagarafallsreporter.com.

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Prices of ALT.com

Cost of Enhancing Your Profile

You can enhance your profile thereby increasing your chances to be discovered and meet new people to have fun with. The cost of enhancement is as below.

• For 12 months, $8.95 per month, billed once at $107.40
• For 3 months, $11.94 per month, billed once at $35.90
• For 1 month, billed once at $19.95

Price per Month
Total Price
12 Months
Single payment of $107.40
3 Months
Single payment of $35.90
1 Month

Highlight Listings

Make you profile more noticeable by highlighting your name in a bright colored square. With highlighting, your name also appears in inquiries. The cost of highlighting is as below.

• For 3 months, $8.95 per month, billed once at $26.85
• For 1 month, billed once at $9.95

BDSM Movies

You can also buy BDSM movies for a small fee. Once paid, you can stream movies limitlessly. The plans for BDSM movies are below.

• For 3 months, $9.97 per month, billed once at $29.90
• For 1 month, billed once at $14.95

Features Of Each Type Of Membership

Standard Membership

Standard members can easily access the site. They have a search option enabling them to look for other members. However, the option is limited and you don’t have access to all the members in the site. Your profile also doesn’t display all the features that are available in the other memberships.

Sliver Membership

As a Silver member, you will be able to do the following.

• View and contact any member you like.
• During inquires, your name will be listed after the Gold members.
• You can contact new members.
• Access member’s live and recorded posts.
• Access a limited number of blogs and magazines.
• Round the clock customer support

Gold Membership

As a Gold member, you will be able to do the following.

• Have all the features of Silver membership.
• Appear on the top in search results.
• Have the privilege of contacting new members first
• Have full access to member’s live and recorded videos
• Have full access to blogs, groups and magazine features
• Enjoy a friendly customer support around the clock
• The possibility of enjoying extra-large photos
• Gold members can access the ICQ, YIM, AIM and MSN IDs of their network’s members.

Popularity Of ALT.com

The Alexa rank of ALT.com is 14,341 and has a total of 2.73M visits according to Similarweb.com.

Customer Service

ALT.com has friendly chat agents available for all-round-the-clock support to answer any queries you may have. Most issues are resolved within a span of a few hours. They are efficient and friendly.

Privacy & Security

ALT.com follows the privacy policy of all sites under FNN – Friend Finder Network Inc. The personal safety and privacy of ALT’s users are taken very seriously. Any issues regarding harassment, spam, age, etc. are dealt with immediately. The site also provides 24/7 phone support. Any member experiencing such issues is to report immediately. Click here to read more on ALT’s privacy policy.

Site’s FAQs

1. How do I know if the members on this site are not fake?

To create a profile on ALT.com, every member is required to enter a valid email address or they will not be able to set up a password. This means that if any member is found to be disregarding rules and laws is liable for legal action and can be tracked down. The member’s profile will be tracked and deactivated. However, the site does not extensively research the background of each member. They caution users to be careful when providing personal information.

2. What is the difference between entering as a guest and entering as a member?

ALT.com works on a membership system. Data files containing members’ information are stored on a separate database. Guests are only allowed to enter the site and browse. They are however, unable to post a listing or use other features on the site.

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