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CollarSpace.com Review

-- Last updated date: 12/5/17 --

What is CollarSpace.com?

CollarSpace.com was founded in 2007 with its main goal being to serve as a functional kinky community for people who were interested in kinky dating. It was previously registered on a domain – collarme.com – which was established in 2002.

This kinky dating community is definitely not for the faint of heart or anyone under 18, especially in the USA.CollarSpace.com is strongly in support of BDSM and consensual slavery. Of course, slavery – whether consensual or not – is illegal in the US, but consensual slavery is mostly overlooked.

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User Experience

1. Design

There is a little glitch with the homepage URL. The site's homepage is at CollarSpace.com/Default.asp, but the web server is configured to use index.html as the homepage, so the browser doesn't find it.

They should properly configure the web server settings, or create an index.html page that redirects users to "Default.asp".

2. Site speed

According to Google PageSpeed Score, The site has a speed score of 77, which is slow. It is also lacking some performance and coding optimizations.

3. Mobile Devices

The site is not mobile-friendly. Most smart phones and tablets displayed the layout correctly. A solution to this is to enable desktop mode on the smart phone browsers.

Media endorsement:

The website was mentioned on The Independent and WashingtonPost.com alongside BDSM dating sites ALT.com and FetLife.com, in some controversial circumstances.

Prices of CollarSpace.com

The site is totally free to register, with no subscription whatsoever. There are no hidden costs. All features are unlocked for all users, with no premium exclusive content.


1. Registration

New users will be asked to provide personal information like Gender (Male, Female and Transgender), Orientation, Sexuality, Ethnicity, Age and Country. You cannot use an AOL email address to register, due to technical problems. New users can also register as a couple. There's also an option to choose the type of people you're actively seeking.

A newly created profile will not be visible on the site and new users will not be able to send or respond to messages, until the account has been reviewed and approved.

2. Photos

Users are allowed to add up to 14 additional photos.

3. Forum

Users are allowed to participate in discussions, create new threads and contribute to the kinky dating community.

4. Journals

Users can upload their video and audio journals to their profiles. Other users can follow the journals and opt-in to updates.

5. Chat rooms and Private Chat

Chat rooms are available for users from all over the community to interact with one another. Live chat is also available to chat with friends and other users met in chat rooms.

6. Mobile Interface

The site is not mobile friendly but members can view the mobile interface by clicking the left navigation bar after login.

7. Invite to friends

Users can invite another user to their public circle of friends, which is visible on their full profile page.

8. Friends and Favorites Feature

Favorites are like bookmarks. They are profiles which you find interesting and would like to keep track of or visit in the future. Friends are people who have agreed to publicly associate with you by appearing on your full profile page.


1. Alexa Rank

CollarSpace.com has an Alexa Global Rank of 18,490. It has a rank of 5,801 for US traffic

2. Web Traffic Volume

On desktop and mobile web, it had a total traffic volume of 3.91 million in the last six months on SimilarWeb.

Customer Service

1. How to contact CollarSpace.com customer service

CollarSpace.com uses an interactive support system to handle support tickets. Only those who have an account can access the customer service page by clicking on the "Support" link at the bottom of the account panel. You can simply create a support account with only a username, password and supply an email address. A support account allows you to contact customer service, without posting personal information about yourself on CollarSpace.com.

After you've finished creating the account, click again on the "Support" link at the bottom of the page and you'll be able to access the customer support page.

2. Will they approve the profile manually? And how long is it approved?

Newly created profiles are usually reviewed and approved within 24 hours, with a maximum time of 72 hours.

Privacy & Security

CollarSpace.com uses ordinary HTTP. It does not use HTTPS (HTTP Secure), which is used to protect private information on the Internet. This means that all communications are not encrypted and as such, there could be leak of private information!

Site’s FAQs

1. Is CollarSpace.com the same as CollarMe

Yes, CollarMe is now known as CollarSpace. As previously stated, they moved to a new domain. However, you can’t find the site under ‘CollarSpace’. If you received a notification email from CollarMe (like a message), simply click on “View this message now,” and you’ll be taken to the new site.

2. Are there scammers on CollarSpace?

Yes, there are a lot of scammers, both male and female. Others are just here for kicks and will never meet with anyone else.

It would be great to use sound judgment when meeting new people on CollarSpace. Always meet in a public place with lots of people.

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