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Fetlife.com Review

-- Last updated date: 12/5/17 --

What is Fetlife.com?

Fetlife.com is the site for people who are into Fetish sex, BDSM, and total kink. Leaving the vanilla sex behind, and going for others that like whips, chains, dirty talk, kinky sex!Fetlife.com is not an average dating website. It's for people or couples who are into kinky sex, BDSM, and Fetishes, without looking for a typical long-lasting romantic relationship. This site gives you access to tons of profiles. You can match very easily while putting your profile together.

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User experience

• The official site is not quite mobile friendly according to the Mobile-Friendly Test tool of Google.

• This website is not optimized and is likely to deliver a slow speed according to the pagespeed insights of google.

Media endorsement:

We know there are more than enough fetish dating sites, however we found fetlife.com a positive way for members of the kink lifestyle to talk and meet. Here is a list of some of the media endorsements:

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Prices of Fetlife.com

The website is totally FREE of charge. You do not have to pay a penny to enjoy everything this fetish social network has offered. This is why it ended up being appreciated by so many people out there.

There are many services the site offers for persons or couples looking to find someone to safely meet with. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Fetlife.com is another safe social community. This community just enjoys the kinkier life compared to our vanilla social sites. This is probably one of the safest ways to meet up with other people in your community who share the same kinky and fetish interests.

Popularity of Fetlife.com

It's a great social network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community with over 6 million members, the site is not a fly by night either. Fetlife.com was established in 2008. Over 6 million users are sharing over 32 million pictures, almost 500,000 videos, 7,459,296 in discussions, over 112,000 groups and nearly 3 million blog posts.

Fetlife.com is ranked at 658 on Alexa. So go figure, those are some seriously positive numbers.


Making a profile is rather simple. You need to upload a profile picture and then can add other pictures to your profile and tell a little bit about yourself. Perhaps you are a single female or male and want to be someone's submissive slut. If you are familiar with Facebook and can use that site, then there are no issues for you at all. Fetlife.com is like the kinkiest Facebook. You can upload pictures & videos, send friend requests and comment on statuses just like you would on Facebook.

You can use a basic search filter. Find other people in your area with likewise interests and search by age, gender, location, share amazing moments, both user and receivers can also send unlimited messages.

Another great feature about Fetlife is the FREE membership. If you are like me and are looking for kinky sex, without the strings and the drama, this site was perfect for me. I also, hate sites that get you to sign up and you are automatically disappointed. On Fetlife.com, I have had my account a little over 6 months, and have made so many great new friends and have met up for some of the kinkiest sex I have ever had. That also lead to great friendships as well, on and offline. Easy to use, you can use simple search criteria like age, gender, location, and can send and receive unlimited messages. Other sites limit you, not on fetlife.

You can follow someone, similar to Twitter. You can create or join any group, post comments very similar to Facebook. Adding friends is very easy. Just click on a member's profile and under the "Message Kinkster" button you will see and "Add to My Friends" button, just like Facebook.

Creating events, which is also something very similar to what users can once again also do on Facebook, is fast and easy. You may even use fetlife.com's caretakers via email. They will work with you and your event you are creating!

Customer Service

Any General Support and Enquiries, you can contact support@fetlife.com

Privacy & Security

It’s only one-time text verification, via your cell phone number.

FetLife does not allow its pages to be indexed by search engines. It means that all contents posted there are unable to be found by the public.

Site’s FAQs

1. How do I delete my account/profile?

If you do meet someone or decide you want to delete your account or profile, you can do that easily.

Follow these few steps: go to https://fetlife.com/deactivate?type=delete link. Click on your nickname in the upper right part of your browser window. You need to wait seven days for your account to be deleted. The site does this because if you change your mind, you can reactivate your account. Once the 7 day passes, your account will be deleted for good, so just keep that in mind as well.

2. How do I block other members?

You may also block and report abusive users. It's also fairly simple to do. Just click on the profile you want to report and block. On the right-hand side you will see "Message Kinkster" and "Add Friend", you will see two links "Report User" and "Block User."I am positive from there you know what to do because at some point in our life we had to block and report from any site we have been on.

3. Is there any negative news for Feltlife.com?

Yes, it was reported because of users themselves actions when dating.

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